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Introducing the newest member of the Beta Glass Labs family, the Petra.
The all new Beta Glass Labs Petra solves a common problem presented by high performance diffusion devices – they dramatically loose filtration efficiency as they become dirty from debris and extended use.

The Petra’s dual compartment design solves this problem by utilizing a multi-stage diffuser isolated within a lower chamber. The multi-stage diffuser features a flame polished 4-hole fixed above a flame polished showerhead diffuser. As the user inhales lightly into the rig, only the top 4-hole percolator is activated to offer a light diffusion for flavor preservation. As the user Inhale harder into the rig, the Showerhead perc below the 4-hole is activated to assist with additional filtration and cooling of the vapor. Debris naturally created by the diffusion process are pushed into the secondary upper chamber where particulate is free to accumulate. This maintains a pristine anti-clog percolator over many uses, leaving you with a more enjoyable, low maintenance experience with the smooth diffusion you love from all of our instruments.

Clear 14mm female - Approximate 8" height